Providing the highest quality, industrial hard chrome plating in the Southeast...

Our Service.

Industrial Plating Company has been providing top notch service to our customers, across many industries, since 1963. We work closely with our customers to enhance and prolong the lives of their parts, increasing their return on investment and ultimately their bottom lines. Meeting deadlines for our customers, while still maintaining the highest quality, is our top priority.

Our Process.

Hard chromium plating bonds chromium to other metals through an electroplating process using chromic acid and the catalyst sulfate. The hardness of chromium has been found to approach that of a diamond and is the hardest of all metals. Many times the hard chromium is more durable than the original surfaces of the parts plated.

Our Solution.

Industrial chrome plating is used by our customers to:

  • Repair worn or damaged surfaces of machine parts

  • Engineer new surface finishes to achieve better results

  • Reduce or eliminate process quality problems

  • Improve wear resistance of surfaces

  • Increase part service life

  • Improve surface traction

  • Reduce or eliminate corrosion

  • Improve insulation of static or electrical processes