Hard chromium is the hardest of all metals. With its low friction co-efficient and high melting point of 3500 degrees fahrenheit, chromium is ideally suited as a durable surface material for industrial manufacturing and hard wear applications of all kinds. It offers several primary advantages over other surface materials in that it shows superior wear resistance, excellent resistance to galling and even has vibration dampening properties. Hard chromium approaches 65 Rockwell on the C-scale, producing a surface that can hold up under the most tortuous heat and water applications, and at a thickness of .002 or more, is excellent for the control of corrosion. In fact, the durability and use advantages of hard chromium have made it the surface choice for industry, and it has become the standard by which other metals and surface coatings are measured.


Up to 44 in. diameter

          24 ft.   length

Tolerances vary depending on the size and condition of the part.

In most cases 0.0005" - .001" is attainable.

Crane Capacity

Up to 10 tons


Up to 48 inches diameter

          32 feet length

Surface Finish

We offer custom finishes ranging from polished or knurl to matte depending on customer needs and specifications. Standard surface finish after plating and grinding is 16 R.M.S. or to a MIRROR finish if required.